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The Swastika

Did you know that the Swastika was first used 12,000 years ago. It has been used by many countries and cultures like:

  • ancient Greece and the city of Troy
  • British druids and celts
  • Christians of Rome
  • in Asia (where they still use it in some places today)
So Hitler was not the first to use the Swastika.

Nazi and British Flags

The Swastika means "Well being", "Good existance" and "Good luck". Hitler wanted to use the Swastika for his Country and army because of all the good things it represented.

The Dam Busters

In WW2 a person call Barnes wallis was doing experiments to destroy three German dams: Mohne, Sorpe and the Eder dam. The dams held water that was use by the German factories that made the arms. These factories were in the valley below the dams. The Britsh carried out the operation on 16-17 may 1943. The Britsh used 19 Lancaster bombers for the raid. It was hard for the Lancaster bombers to hit the targets because they had to fly at exactly 240 mph (390 km/h), at only 60' (18m) above the lakes and they had to release the bomb at precisely 425 yards (388.6m). It was a very special bomb because it bounced on the water and stopped at the wall of the dam. It contained 3,000kg of explosive, designed to explode when it sunk to 30' (9m). And they also spun the bomb backwards at 500rpm to make it more accurate and to hug the wall of the dam. The Britsh blow up 2 out of 3 dams and released 330 million tons of water onto the factories below. Out of the 19 Lancaster bombers 11 came back.

(To find out about the Dam Busters I watched the exciting and surprising film "The Dam Busters" from 1955.)

Bat Bombs

A Bat Bomb is a little bomb carried by a small bat and the bomb is called Napalm. It is an incendiary bomb which means it does not explode but sets on fire. It is an American weapon because at the time the Americans were fighting the Japanese. The Americans did tests and on one test they used it on a fake villiage and the villiage went up in flames (the villiage was made out of wood). So the Americans fly a bomber plane over the Japanese city and drop a bomb that contains all the bats. When it is falling the bomb opens up, then gets longer and it gives time for the bats to wake up. Then the bats fly off and into the houses and factories in the city and nest in the roofs and then when the timer finishes it bursts into flames. But sadly it never got used because the Atom Bomb (Nuclear Bomb) beat it there.

Bat Bomb

Pigeon Guided Missiles

B.F.Skinner was born on 20 March 1904 and Skinner did on 18 August 1990. A pigeon guided missile is a pigeon that is flying a missile. Skinner caught a lot of pigeons and taught them to peck on an image of a ship. He gave the pigeons food when they pecked on the ship. Because when the pigeon is in the missile if the missile goes off target the pigeon pecks on the ship on the screen to get it back on target. Pigeons are very good at flying missies because they have have better eye sight than us humans and their brain goes much faster than ours. Even though the tests were very successful the operation was cancelled on 8 October 1944 because the military were scared of pigeons flying missiles.

My dad wrote a Pigeon Guided Missile simulator so we can see what is was like to be a pigeon flying a missile.

The Atom Bomb

The top scientists in the world (including Einstein) were making a bomb to finish the war. It is called the Atom Bomb (or Nuclear Bomb). They made the bomb in Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA (my dad used to work there also but not at that time). The scientists made two Atom Bombs to use on Japan.

One was called Little Boy. It had 50 kg of Uranium and was dropped on Hiroshima and exploded with the power of 15,000 tons of TNT (or 15 million kg of TNT).

The other bomb was called Fat Man. It had 10 kg of Plutonium and was dropped on Nagasaki. It exploded with the power of 20,000 tons of TNT (or 20 million kg of TNT).

Little Boy

Fat Man

My dad wrote a simulator to show how an Atomic Bomb Chain Reaction grows.

I also made a chain reaction with dominos:


Blitzkrieg means lightning war (or fast invasion). Blitzkrieg started in May 1940. The Germans basically sent lots of troops through many countries, e.g. France. It took only a few weeks to capture all of France, Belgium and The Netherlands.


What It Was All About

Date Country Details
September 1939 Poland Germany invaded and captured Poland. This was the start of WWII.
April 1940 Western Europe Germany invaded and captured many countries of Western Europe.
June 1940 Italy Italy declares war on Britain and joins the Axis team.
September 1940 Britain The Blitz. Germany starts heavy bombing on Britain.
February 1941 North Africa Germany invades North Africa
July 1941 Russia Germany invades Russia.
December 1941 USA Japan attacks USA at Pearl Harbour.
January 1943 Germany Russia defeats German invasion of Russia.
May 1943 Germany Britain defeats Germany in North Africa.
September 1943 Italy Italy surrenders to Britain.
June 1944 France Allies D-Day invasion of France.
September 1944 Germany Allies start invasion of Germany.
October 1944 Germany Russia invades Germany.
April 1945 Germany Russia captures Berlin and Hitler commits suicide.
May 1945 Germany Germany surrenders to Britain, France, USA and Russia
July 1945 Germany Britain, France and USA enter Berlin.
August 1945 Japan USA dropped 2 atomic bombs on Japan. Japan surrenders.

The Sides

Country Side
Great Britain The Allies
The Netherlands
Germany The Axis
Spain Neutral

The S.A.S.

The SAS was formed by the British in the North African campaign (July 1,1941). It was formed by David Stirling. The SAS motto is "Who dares wins". SAS means Special Air Service. The SAS was a commando force to operate behind enemy lines. The SAS did hit and run raids e.g. attacked three airfields in Libya September 1942 (it was a success). The SAS is still operating today! The SAS is the best force in the world.



Rationed Food WWII ration per day What I eat per day
Bacon 1 rash 3 rashes
Sugar 50g 20g
Eggs 1/2 2
Meat Half chicken breast 1 chicken breat and 2 sausages
Butter 10g 10g
Milk 200ml 800ml
Sweats 11g 70g

Rations WWII

WWII Rations for 1 day

Food for Ice

What I eat in 1 day

I also have food that is not mentioned on the table like: porridge, toast, and rice because it was not rationed.

In the war (ww2) some people ate meat from: rabbit, horse and pigeon. Some people bought bones and boiled them with vegetables and pearl barley to make a broth and soup.

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