Minecraft Figures


My own Minecraft Figures

My first characters were two farmers and a blacksmith. I made them out of wood. They can turn their heads 360°. When complete I painted them.

Next I did some designs in 3D and printed them on a 3D printer. The first design was a pig. I then made some Snow Golems.

Wooden villagers


Snow Golems

I also made a Minecraft penguin.


For my final Minecraft figure, I designed and printed a Minecraft Yoshi.

Yoshi, the pig and the snow golems were each made from several printed parts and these were glued together.

Finally, I painted the penguin and Yoshi.



My own figures

Here are all the Minecraft figures that I made and also them together with all my Minecraft toys.

All my Miecraft figures together

If you want to print your own Minecraft figures you can download my STL files for the 3D printing.

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